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Centralize your immigration activity
Today, your immigration activity lives in many different places. Your inbox is littered with hundreds of emails coordinating between parties and exchanging documents. Key dates and updates are buried in an ever-changing tracking spreadsheet. Your compliance documents are in the file cabinet by your desk.
The Bridge platform brings all of your immigration activity into one place — simply organized, highly secure and accessible anywhere.

Go paperless

At Bridge, we understand that you are busy and always on-the-go. Your immigration process should keep up. Say goodbye to signing and mailing documents and storing paper files. Paperless is effortless.


“Before Bridge, all of our HR functions had graduated to ‘paperless’ except immigration. Bridge eliminated the stacks of documents we were signing and storing at our office. We haven’t touched a physical immigration document since.”
Laura Thomas, HR Generalist / Talent Aquisition
Stop Playing Middleman

You wear many hats, but coordinating between your foreign national employees and your immigration counsel should not be one of them. Bridge interacts directly with your employees, keeping you in the loop without consuming your precious time.

Coca-Cola Enterprises

“I was previously spending hours per week providing case status updates and answering inquiries from our employees. It was inefficient and frustrating. The Bridge platform and team provided the transparency and access that both me and our employees were looking for.
Kellie Lattimore, HR Business Partners Manager
Faster turnarounds, so your employees can start contributing sooner

Our streamlined, technology-enabled process shortens the timeline to filing a case. We understand that immigration is often time-sensitive, from urgent business needs to rapidly-approaching expiration dates. Our service is designed to move at the speed of your business.


“With headcount growing 300% per year and operating in Silicon Valley’s competitive talent market, we needed an immigration process that moved fast. Bridge has been a secret weapon for our HR team.”


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Bridge eliminates immigration inefficiencies for Allegiant’s HR team

Coca Cola Enterprises

Bridge eliminates visa paperwork and provides process transparency for CCE

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